When the order is filed, it is binding. A final agreement on the sale and supply of goods has been concluded when JYDSK FABRIC WAREHOUSE sends a written confirmation of the order or, if such a document is not sent,

When Jydsk fabric stock sends the goods or the first installment of the goods.

In the case of unforeseen difficulties or if the

Unsatisfactory credit information about the customer obtained after the order is accepted, Jydsk fabric stock is entitled to cancel the confirmed order or require the provision of a sufficient bank guarantee. The customer can only cancel the confirmed order by written consent from Jydsk Fabric store.

2. The GOODS

The product will have the pattern and color specified in the order confirmation or as agreed. Jydsk Fabric stock is not responsible for less commercial, acceptable

Errors/variations in the delivered quantity, product specification, color or other design features, and no minor variation in the product gives the customer the right to reject the goods. If the customer approves a sample supplied by Jydsk fabric stock, the customer is not entitled to reject the delivered goods in relation to this. It is the customer’s duty to approve the goods and test that the product meets the expected purpose of the selected product.


The goods are delivered in accordance with the terms of delivery of Jydsk fabrics, unless otherwise specifically agreed and specified in the order confirmation. Jydsk fabric stock may, depending on the circumstance given, help arrange the dispatch of the ordered goods, if this is agreed in writing and accepted by Jydsk fabric stock.


When the order confirmation is sent, the delivery time will be indicated. Jydsk Fabric stock will do everything within reasonable limits to deliver the goods within the delivery dates we quote. However, occasional delays may occur, which is why the delivery time is only an estimate and is therefore not a guarantee that the product reaches the date that has been produced. If delivery is not met within fourteen (14) days from the stated delivery date, the delivery can only be considered delayed if the customer has filed a written reminder within 7 days from the written reminder of Jydsk fabric lag. In cases of force majeure in accordance with The following provisions, the delivery may be postponed until the barriers cease and regular trade and transport are again possible.


Jydsk Fabric Lager reserves the ownership of the delivered goods until the full payment is paid by the customer. All costs incurred in connection with enforcement of the recovery are paid by the customer.


Prices are shown on the order confirmation or invoice and are exclusive of VAT. The customer may freely set his/her resale prices.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment from the customer to the Jydsk drug store will have to be made in accordance with the relevant invoice. A standard interest rate of 2 per month is debited after the due date, in case of non-payment. Jydsk fabric stock may postpone delivery of orders or cancel the order, by written notice, and without incurring any liability for this, if the customer is behind the payment for previously delivered consignments. Any financial loss, including financially lost profits, that Jydsk fabric stock incur as a result, must be compensated by the customer.


When the customer receives the goods, the customer must promptly inspect them and inform Jydsk fabric stock of defects and defects in writing. The written complaint shall not be received later than 5 days after delivery or, if delayed, expected arrival of the goods. In case of not visible error or damage, the written complaint must be received within 5 days from the error could have arisen, and not later than one month after the day of delivery. If any part of the order is not delivered or if only part of the item is damaged, the order will only be cancelled for this part. Any complaint must be specific, documented and contain a precise specification of the damage. Returned goods will not be accepted without the prior written consent of Jydsk fabric lager. No complaints will be accepted where the item has been cut in or otherwise used.


If Jydsk fabric stock is not able to deliver any of the ordered goods for good reason that goes beyond the control of Jydsk fabric layers, which includes but is not limited to the situation where the goods may not be available from our suppliers or live up to the expect Date of delivery, Jydsk has the right to cancel the order. The customer cannot cancel the order without mutual consent.


A. Jydsk Fabric Stock only covers the return of goods if a complaint for damage to the product has been filed within 8 days and this is accepted by Jydsk fabric lager.

B. If the product is not damaged or otherwise defective, there is no applicable right of withdrawal and the goods cannot be returned, unless otherwise agreed in the impending case.


Jydsk Fabric stock will be responsible for damage and damage resulting from the handling of the product by Jydsk fabric storage. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Jydsk fabric stock is not liable for any direct or indirect loss of the company’s losses, lost financial profit, loss of goodwill, or other consequential, including the loss of the third party.


Product images belonging to the company may only be used by the customer for marketing and sales purposes of the fabric, after the fabric has been ordered and paid for. The customer may not resell or provide the product images to third parties without prior written permission from the company.

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