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Jydsk Stoflager

Jydsk Stoflager | Jupitervej 2, 7430 Ikast


Because we love the process



The majority of our digitalprints are designed buy ourselves and we carefully pick the designs that are not our own on a yearly basis, it turns out to be 100+ different designs



The majority of our sales are made to other businesses The b2b sales make up for 90% of our revenue Therefor you'll find our fabrics on many stores



Throughout the years we have become experts in all kinds of Jersey fabrics It doesn't matter if the material is modal, cotton, or some third, but we know what we do


Fabrics without stretch is of cource also part of our product range and we have aboute 90 different qualities with different patterns and colors.

How we got here

Discover our milestones and take a look at how it all started

The begging of 1993
From marketplace to physical store
The year 1993 was the year Erik (owner) started to sell fabrics at different markeplaces throughout Denmark. This is what sparked his passion for, at one point owning a store. In 1994 he bought the company "Jydsk Stoflager" with all fabrics included. Now the little markeplace shop had gone from, just a thought, to a real physical store, with lots of fabric
The begging of 1993
Feb, 2009
The stocklots we gradually switched to a selection of ongoing fabrics, that keeps expanding in terms of range Soon we'll have almost 1000 different fabrics in stock and despite the small space, we work by the mantra; everything has a solution to it
Feb, 2009
May, 2020
Covid and new loacation
Despite Covid the company moves to a new location with more space, and the possibility to connect the store, stock and offices. The new buildings contanins 1100 squaremters stock that's ready to be filled with fabrics The company also gets a new website and is ready for Scandinavia
May, 2020
December, 2020
Own production
After carefully searching the market and visiting different factories, we find the right company that share the same values as us. Now we are ready to cooparate and deliver only the best! The process is transparent, quick and last but not least, minded towards quality Only yhe newest and most sustainable methods are used We get the opportunity to offer, recycled, ecological, and sustainable -material, for our customers
December, 2020

Are you ready for choosing quality and get more customers?

We hare on touch througout the whole process, from the fabrics are weth are knitted, and all the way to our customers That’s why we stand by the quality

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